Long time no Talk

Thank you to all of the fans that paid attention throughout the earlier part of the year. We tried to give you something that would get that itch. November 27th the Jericho Comic will be available. The Civil War is in full swing. Jake and Hawkins are hunted Men. What will happen with Beck? tons of story to be told. Can't wait.



I have been very busy in the last few days, and couldn't blog. Today I was given a 24 hour pass, and will probably spend it just sleeping. I haven't had much sleep, maybe sleeping a couple of hours a day. I am currently at a Texas base inside Wyoming. We are so close to ending this war I can feel it. Hopefully Tomarchio will get smart. We are beginning to hear a little bit more about this Smith Character. It appears he was a disgruntled employee of the Federal government. From what I heard was he put a plan together, and that plan was used to nuke 23 Cities. Now he wants to finish the job. Don't get me wrong, I want the collapse of the Cheyenne government too, but this guy wants to inflict harm on civilians. He wants to destroy Cheyenne. Word is he might try something soon. We will see.


John Williams

As many of you have already heard by now, We lost a true hero. John Williams was one who trained me, and got me involved with the Underground Coalition. He was a great leader, and will be missed. However, we will not give up. Kevin Johnson will lead us to the finish. He is just as good a leader as Williams, and is well respected around the Coalition.


Happy Easter

There was an announced 24 hour cease-fire today in commemoration of Easter. The break in the action was needed, and we hope that we can all reflect on the many lives lost in this war. Currently there are peace negotiations, but they are not going as well as one would hope. the ASA government holds the key.


Change of plans

I was going to head back to Jericho, but the battle has picked up once again. I can still shoot a gun, so I am needed. As we get near Wyoming the fights are getting stronger. Between all of the troops there must be over 3,000 American dead. It is a shame too. However there are a few platoons we get to that lay down their arms, and turn around and join our cause. Here is to hoping the rest of Americans will see the light.


Long Battles

I never thought I would ever see combat up close and personal. However these past few days have been intense. I was shot in the right shoulder today, but am fine. I felt stupid, because I let my guard down after a small break in the fight. I am lucky I was not killed. My CO told me the same thing, while yelling at me. I will spend the next two days resting. Afterward, I will head back to Kansas to continue training. Hopefully I can get back to the action.


War footage

This video was a project given to me, and I am fortunate enough to be allowed to post it on my blog. The war is coming along. We lost a few people today, but we press on. Keep us in your prayers as we head deeper into enemy territory