My trip to Jericho

I headed to Jericho yesterday only to get stopped by ASA forces. They had a checkpoint out near WaKeeney. Apparently the blockade is real. When asked where I was headed, I told them Jericho, and they asked that I turn around. In my opinion things don't look good for Jericho.


Underground Coalition

I got this email today form the underground coalition they told me how they knew this country was a sham, and that they were going to prove it. They told me that they were sorry about the loss of lives due to the Hudson River Virus. That is one thing I don't think I can get over. The dang country has the vaccine, but wouldn't supply it. It reminds me of Red Cloud, when he was told by the government he would get a reservation and food rations from the government, but it was a lie, or when Crazy Horse was stabbed in the back after his surrender. This time it is to the American people. The government promises us one thing, but lies, and the government seems to fear the people, so they try to kill us off. That is how I see it anyway. Enough of my sidetrack, this underground coalition seems very intriguing I think I might signup.


Hudson River Virus


They are Liars! We were told that the Hudson River Virus was not across the Mississippi. However, Many in my town have come down with it and more than 200 have died. Military personnel have quarantined our town, and many are wearing breathing masks. We had a shipment of vaccine just in case, but was confiscated before we could use it. We were told it was contraband and that if there was an outbreak Jennings and Rall would supply us with the vaccine, well guess what, we did not get it. My Best Friend died yesterday. How in the world am I supposed to deal with that. For some reason I have been spared. I am used to governments lying to me, but not at the cost of the lives of American people. What else is this Government not telling us?


Jennings and Rall

A Jennings and Rall building was built right in the center of town. I was amazed on how fast they built the building. I could have sworn I was watching it all on fast forward. Anyways, they told us they would be taking over the day to day operations while the new government was establishing themselves. So far Jennings and Rall has been nothing but helpful. They got our stores, and bars all restocked. Our local pub owner said he was going to serve drinks all night tonight. Hopefully people don't get too carried away. I am so glad the government is reestablishing themselves, because we
were about to go crazy here.

The new flag.


Men in the army came through today heading west. They didn't say much, but what they did say was pretty exciting. They told us that the Federal Government had been restored, and we are well on our way to civilization. One thing was different. They gave us a flag, and told us to change the old one out. We thought it was strange, but did so anyways. I for one am glad to be out of the stone age.