Underground Coalition

I got this email today form the underground coalition they told me how they knew this country was a sham, and that they were going to prove it. They told me that they were sorry about the loss of lives due to the Hudson River Virus. That is one thing I don't think I can get over. The dang country has the vaccine, but wouldn't supply it. It reminds me of Red Cloud, when he was told by the government he would get a reservation and food rations from the government, but it was a lie, or when Crazy Horse was stabbed in the back after his surrender. This time it is to the American people. The government promises us one thing, but lies, and the government seems to fear the people, so they try to kill us off. That is how I see it anyway. Enough of my sidetrack, this underground coalition seems very intriguing I think I might signup.


  1. Anonymous15:16

    Hi Wildman,

    I see you are in Kansas. I'm worried about some friends of mine in Jericho, Kansas. I haven't heard from Gail Green in many months and I worried about her.

    Have you heard any news about Jericho?

    Ratkeeper in California

  2. Hawke19:46

    You are not alone

  3. I had been to Jericho from time to time, but that was before the attacks. Met the Green family maybe six or seven years ago. Jake was a wild one let me tell you. Had a remark for almost anything, and very rebellious. Anyway, I heard about it, and headed west. I live maybe 5 hours away, so I took I-70, and got to WaKeeney before I got to a checkpoint. They then asked me where I was headed, and when I told them Jericho, they asked me to turn around. I asked why, and they told me it was not safe.

  4. Hawke19:38

    How many at the checkpoint and how well armed were they? Is the checkpoint in the open? As many details appreciated.