Hudson River Virus


They are Liars! We were told that the Hudson River Virus was not across the Mississippi. However, Many in my town have come down with it and more than 200 have died. Military personnel have quarantined our town, and many are wearing breathing masks. We had a shipment of vaccine just in case, but was confiscated before we could use it. We were told it was contraband and that if there was an outbreak Jennings and Rall would supply us with the vaccine, well guess what, we did not get it. My Best Friend died yesterday. How in the world am I supposed to deal with that. For some reason I have been spared. I am used to governments lying to me, but not at the cost of the lives of American people. What else is this Government not telling us?


  1. jericho fan20:43

    Sorry For your loss

  2. Smitty21:27

    that is the asa for you. Liars trust your gut

  3. Sorry For your loss