I have enlisted in the underground coalition. Things have gone in a fast pace ever since. Right now they are training me in combat. We Train 18 hours a day, with MRE's for meals. Jambalaya isn't bad especially with the Tabasco sauce that comes with it. There are many who have gone AWOL to fight for our cause, and if we lose could be put to death. There have been rumblings here in the east that there was an attack on Western Kansas. I went to the ASA website for the first time in about since the HRV hit here. I cant trust a thing that they say, however I figured there would be a mention in the news. I can't believe the spin they put on it. Calling the Underground Coalition a Terrorist group. I sure hope we win this thing. We are fighting for our rights here.

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  1. Wildman,

    Thank you for fighting to defend our rights. Please keep save and let us know if we can give you any aid.