Training update

we have been given a ten minute break so I thought I would catch you guys up while I have the chance. We have been training for a few days now, but it seems like months. These men sure know what they are doing. We have taken over the abandoned Army Base here in North Central Kansas, and are using their old training grounds. There are quite a few tanks here that are out of commission, but are currently being repaired, and we are making ammunition as well. We were told when we volunteered to sign up this would be the most grueling training we would ever be involved in. Let me tell you, I don't even think regular basic training is this tough. Well ten minutes is up back to training.


  1. Anonymous14:38

    Thank you for the update Wildman. Keep safe and thank you for the service you are doing.

  2. vader030914:49

    yes, thanks for the update.

  3. Jericho Fan20:03


  4. Jericho is #100:10

    I think that looks like a Mortar from season 1

  5. Alright, Go Wildman, and good luck on the fight!

  6. Need for Season 314:20

    Is the abandoned Post Ft. Riley, or Leavenworth? Anyway, good luck and Thanks for keeping us informed.