In and Out of Jericho

I Reached Jericho today, but didn't get to stay very long. We have been mobilized, and are headed west. The plan is to spread our movement westward, and hopefully we will finally reach our goal to reunite this nation the real way. By the way, most of Jericho is excited for the future. Stanley and Mimi threw a feast for many of us, while Gray gave us all a certificate of appreciation. And for the one that wanted the update on Gail. She is fine. she moved back into her home, and was settling before the blockades were formed. Again we head west, but I cannot let you know what our mission is yet, because the ASA is watching.

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  1. Anonymous16:49

    Thank you Wildman, for letting me know that Gail is safe.

    You keep safe too on your westward march.